Andrew Jay / Andrew Dumaresq – Phair Capital Management

So this guy replied to a Twitter conversation today….

Andrew Jay / Andrew Dumaresq Twitter

Just to prove Forex/Crypto is littered with publishers, educators, affiliates, signal providers and scammers I looked him up and what did I find…

Andrew Jay (Andrew Dumaresq) is Phair Capital Management – based in either Colchester or London UK and has links to Cyprus.

Phair Capital Linkedin Page

Here is is personal Linkedin Page –

Andrew liking his own posts…

He is even writing his own fake reviews for his own “company” on Trustpilot (Trustpilot is a scammers paradise).

fake review by Andrew on his own company page

This isn’t hard for me to do.
This took me 15 minutes max to search google and create the blog post and click publish.
If I sat here doing this evenings and weekends I could probably cover most of UK Crypto and Forex within 6 months and create a far better database than the FCA has.