Ashley Richards a Forex Scam Marketer, given free platform by BBC Three

ashley richards

ashley richards

This is now an epidemic.
I have literally just finished documenting the ProphetFX scam and then I see this on Twitter

This is insane.

We have just been through this with the Gurvin Singh scam, pumped up by the Plymouth Herald & SWNS News agency – he has so far scammed people out of a total of £4 million.

Here BBC Three are promoting 20 year old Ashley Richards from Tenby, Wales – yet another Forex guru claiming he is making thousands.

The show ‘Young Welsh and Pretty Minted’ is airing Sunday February 23rd 2020 BBC Three in the UK.

This is absolutely shocking by the BBC – they should be ashamed for airing this.
Total lack of journalism and zero diligence.

Ashley Richards being promoted by Elizabeth Ashamu of BBC Three

“Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted: The 20-year-old online trader who makes up to £200,000 a year”

“Online trader Ashley makes tonnes of cash, but his main goal is to inspire the kids in his community”

Elizabeth Ashamu

As of Monday 24th February nearly all the BBC Twitter accounts have been pumping this article out, it is everywhere. So far mainstream media have not published it – it is only limited to the BBC, WalesOnline & the Western Telegraph.

However, look what BBC Three has done…

Old Twitter account of Ashley Richards – people have watched the BBC Three show and now found his twitter believing he will make them rich.

A simple search would have shown him up… Ashley Richards is yet another Forex educator – he is part of “Forex Help Trading” on Twitter.
The BBC have just given him free promotion – absolute idiots.

Also on the Western Telegraph

Not just the BBC, Ruth Davies at the Western Telegraph is at it too…

Article by Ruth Davies Western Telegraph

Also on Wales Online

Wales Online is at it too – here is a nauseating piece full of lies by Cathy Owen

Article by Cathy Owen

And another Wales Online article by Megan Nisbet here

Article by Megan Nisbet

Where you can find out about Ashley Richards Online

Companies House

If you look at Companies House he is listed as Ashley Richards Limited and his company is listed as “Advertising Agency” – right age and lives in Tenby – this is him and its the only company listed by him.

Ashley Richards Limited listed on companies house

If you look at the filed accounts below – he absolutely isn’t making £200,000.
He may not be reporting gains to HMRC either – Someone should report him for Tax Avoidance if this is the case.

*Anyone trying to defend Ashley Richards by stating he is ‘trading via spreadbetting so his figures won’t appear here’ are naive.
He is a marketer. He is selling Forex education. He isn’t trading Forex – he is making money via Forex Education, selling Forex signals and signing new customers up to brokers.
The figures should be going through his Limited company – ‘Ashley Richards Limited’.

Ashley Richards Limited

Old Website

We found an old website which no longer works, complete with testimonials from his very own “Forex Help Trading Service” colleagues.

old website

Live Instagram Account

We found a live Instagram account in use – proudly displaying that he was on the BBC.

Ashley Richards on Instagram

If you click the link on Ashley Richards’ Instagram you get this…

Link Tree links to a forex course – what a surprise…

If you click the Forex Hub Link you get this…
Note there is no company name just an email address – nothing dodgy here at all..

Forex Hub Accelerator

Forex Hub is owned by a James Watts – “THEFOREXHUB LIMITED”, with an address in the Southampton area – Hedge End is nearby so its all the same people as ‘Forex Help Trading’.

Ashley Richards has an affiliate link to ‘The Forex Hub’ (not even his own course) – so the same group or person that is behind ‘Forex Trading Help’ is the same person/group as “The Forex Hub”.

‘The Forex Hub’ is listed as a scam by review sites online… quelle surprise!

Old Twitter Accounts

There is an old Twitter account that Ashley Richards has used in the past;

Old Ashley Richards Twitter account

Another linked Twitter account to Ashley Richards / Forex Help Trading is the account – whoever Lee is…

Another Twitter Account

You have a guy (Lee) that was driving vans but is now teaching you how to trade Forex – a pursuit which won’t see you consistently profitable until 5-10 years… ok mate, you magically flipped from being a van driver to solving the world’s financial markets.

The account is all fast cars, watches, holidays, eating out etc etc – another classic instagrat social media account advertising riches and sucking people in.

He even has a defunct link on his Twitter page “

This is another forex educator stitch up – they advertise instagrat lifestyles sucking people in pretending they can trade. Its all bullshit.

There is another linked Twitter account

another twitter account

There is no doubt now that these people are Forex educators hiding behind a website with no Official company details.

We found yet another Ashley Richards FHT related account – saying its in Tenby, Wales – all the same group of people – Ashley Richards, “Lee” & “Zac”.

Yet another twitter account

Forex Help Trading Website

All Twitter accounts link back to this website – it is a website selling Forex course & Forex signals – no Limited Company mentioned, just an address in Southampton, ‘Forex Help Trading Offices, Hedge End, SS30 4TH’.

Of course hey have an affiliate portal.. This is big business!

And of course a ‘recommended broker’ button with the broker BD Swiss based in Cyprus (not UK FCA Authorised nor regulated & not protected by FSCS)… This is where they make $500-1000 per new customer signup. They get further kick backs from each trade that new customer makes.

Forex Help Trading Website
Forex Help Trading Website
“contact details”

The address gives us just a business centre in Hedge End – are they even there?

There is just a mobile phone number and a Gmail address – nothing official.

Telegram is advertised and mentioned by these guys – this is the platform of choice for Forex Educators so nothing can be traced by the authorities.

Who we have contacted so far

I have sent a complaint in via the BBC

I have sent multiple tweets to Catrin Rowlands the producer of the show – Young Welsh and Pretty Minted – she has not bothered replying.

I have sent multiple tweets to the BBC, BBC Three, BBC Wales and the Production Company – no response.

I have tweeted Cathy Owen of Wales online for her article – she has not responded.
I have tweeted Megan Nisbet of Wales online for her article – she has not responded.

I have sent an email to Ruth Davies of the Western Telegraph to correct or remove her article – I have not had a response.
I emailed Chief Reporter Bruce Sinclair and News Editor Lee Day of the Western Telegraph – I have not had a response.

I am going to write to Ofcom and to the FCA and ask how and why this show got to air.
Why are the BBC and newspapers are still advertising Forex marketers with zero diligence? They are publishing total lies – this is an epidemic of scams and scammers and it has to stop.

UPDATE 1 25/02/2020 22:19PM

I was looking at the articles on Wales Online and I realised something. There is a guy on the same show, “Young Welsh and Pretty Minted” as Ashley Richards… called Daniel Gonthier (Gonth)…

Daniel Gonthier (Gonth)

If you look at the now defunct website of Ashley Richards I showed you above – what can you see?

Ashley Richards old website – featuring a testimonial by Daniel Gonthier (Gonth)

Daniel Gonthier is a testimonial on Ashley Richards’ now defunct website.

The circle is complete.
Ashley Richards and Daniel Gonthier are on the same BBC Three show “Young Welsh and Pretty Minted” – they were in this together from long ago.

Here they are at a club in Cardiff in 2019.

Instragram post of Ashley Richards and Daniel Gonthier (Gonth)

The BBC, BBC Wales, the production company Wales and Co and the producer Catrin Rowlands have some serious explaining to do.

At time of post complaints are currently with;

  • The BBC
  • Ofcom
  • Ipso
  • The FCA
  • Nicky Morgan MP (responsible for Media)
  • John Glen MP (responsible for FCA)

None of the people involved in giving Ashley Richards a free platform have come back to us – this is the BBC Three, BBC Wales, Wales and Co, Catrin Rowlands, Wales Online and the Western Telegraph.

He is also now a story on Lad Bible & The Daily Star – we have contacted them asking them to correct or remove it.

UPDATE 2 26/02/2020 23:09PM

Ok this site is getting quite a few views – it may go offline from time to time whilst I tweak the config to deal with demand.

1) Some new revelations about Ashley Richards have come to light from Reddit…

2) The producer of the show Catrin Rowlands has blocked me on Twitter.
She runs the Captainjac Production company with her husband – she thinks she can put her fingers in her ears and hope this will all magically disappear… Newsflash – it won’t.

3) This website is now on page one if you Google search Ashley Richards…

4) I have tweeted every BBC account, tweeted every BBC financial journalist, complained to the BBC, emailed Wales Online/Daily Star/Western Telegraph/Lad Bible, emailed every major UK newspaper, Ofcom, the FCA, IPSO, 2 Members of Parliament – this just leaves HMRC and Trading Standards and that’s me done…
Don’t let this stop you complaining to any of these organisations – the complaints more the better – help stop these criminals.

UPDATE 3 05/03/2020 15:24

We have just found out a huge story behind all this – THE BBC KNEW ABOUT FOREX HELP TRADING RUN BY JAMES WATTS – the same companies Ashley Richards is promoting – read here

UPDATE 4 14/03/2020

Ashley Richards and James Watts (The Forex Hub & Forex Help Trading) are part of the same scam ring as Daniel Legg of Team FX


Weeks and weeks of work.

I have put a tremendous amount of effort into this – I have lost track of all the people, organisations and journalists I have spoken to on this, to get this closed out.

It should never have happened.

– The FCA, OFCOM & IPSO need to drastically change their approach.

– Broadcasters need to drastically change their approach.

– The media – newspapers & magazines need to drastically change their approach.

Those newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and ‘journalists’ that ignored me – your names are going up in lights – I am going to take the complaints against you as far as I can.

This click bait bullshit you get paid for, for promoting retail trading scammers has to end.

BBC stating they have taken the programme offline and taken the article down.
BBC article on Ashley Richards has been taken down