Ashley Richards & James Watts are part of the same Forex scam ring as Dan Legg

In 2019 Dan Legg was promoted by the Daily Mail, The Sun and The Metro and by MSN.

Look at this photo on the Daily mail Website of “Dan Legg’s cars”

Check the Range Rover registration LE66 DAN…

Now look at a photo from Ashley Richards’ Instagram page…

Dan Legg’s range rover, Ashley Richards BMW, James Watt’s Audi all present

Ashley Richards, James Watts (Theforexhub & Forex Trading Help) and Dan Legg (TeamFX) are all part of the same Scam ring.

The same photo is in Dan Legg’s website.

This was a co-ordinated move by Ashley Richards and Dan Legg to get on to TV.
The media did zero diligence and now we have a forex scam ring that has been promoted on the #BBC and #channel4 and soon to be #channel5 to hundreds of thousands of people.

They are all the same bunch of scumbags running forex broker affiliate scams and selling bullshit Forex courses.

When is the FCA going to co-ordinate a proper task force involving all UK regulators/agencies/quango’s to deal with this?

UPDATE 13/04/2020 22:22PM

Someone has just kindly pointed out that Daniel Legg’s companies are registered to the same address as James Watts – Daniel Legg was threatening me with legal action saying there is no connection and hes not a scammer.

1. I have evidence from people that Dan Legg is a scammer.
2. As above you can see Dan Legg knows James Watts & Ashley Richards (Ashley Richards changed his Instagram address to Cheddar).
3. It is well documented James Watts is a scammer.
4. Both Dan Legg and James Watts use the very same accountant – HJS Accountants in Southampton.

Daniel Legg is TEAMFX
James Watts is THE FOREX HUB