BBC send out same cut and paste Ashley Richards complaint email to multiple people



Complete bullshit from the BBC

This is the BBC complaints team with the same copy and paste message they have sent to multiple people today 05/03/2020.

They are totally dismissive of the complaints in front of them.

  • Forex is not unregulated – LIE.
  • Ashley Richards IS a fake instagram account – he sells Forex courses and refers people to brokers on the basis of total lies – this is FRAUD.
  • Ashley Richards DOES NOT make £200k a year.
  • Ashley Richards DOES NOT make £10,000 a week from trading Forex 2 hours a day.
  • NO MORE than 30,000 has passed through his Limited company Ashley Richards Limited.

This now needs to go to Ofcom to complain – if you have got this message please complain to Ofcom using this link below;

Use this link HERE –