Be careful of who you associate with in Retail Trading



In earlier posts I have talked about the ratio of winners to losers.

The empirical study of the Brazil stock market showed you, 97% of people day trading make fuck all or lose.

In Forex, from experience it is around 99.9% of people that lose with a tiny fraction of consistently profitable retail day traders.

Just to repeat because people don’t get it, the only people making money DO NOT trade.
This is;

  • Publishers
  • Course sellers
  • Educators / Gurus with a montly subscription
  • IB’s, Affiliates, Shills
  • Scammers
  • Market makers/Brokers

They make far more money than people actually trading with zero risk.

All FX retail trading really is, is a bunch of people that cannot actually trade fighting over sales.
The rest is just wannabe “traders” who are gamblers desperate for the latest indicator in the belief it will make them rich.

It is dog eat dog – everyone is ready to fuck someone else over.

You have no idea of peoples motives or who most people really are or who they are associated with.

If you have something that works or is profitable (note there is no magic system, there is no magic indicator and there is no magic MT4 EA – I have tested everything you can get online) – for fuck sake do not share it – there is no end of people willing to fuck you over for it.

This is not paranoia – this is common sense. You are running a business.

After a conversation last night, I found a room supposedly setup to attack scammers – full of IB’s and affiliate shills – it is now a career choice and a far more lucrative one at that.
These people sit in rooms stroking each other off like parasites – none of them actually trade nor can trade – they hate people like me.

How did we get in to this state?

Crime in retail trading is now a career choice – its fraud.

Let me be clear there is a need for education in any industry, however, when I know a huge majority cannot actually trade selling courses, books and monthly subscriptions or even worse running full blown affiliate scams which is fraud – we have a fucking problem.

The regulators are nowhere and its left to mugs like me to point this out for nothing but daily abuse (tiny violin).

Retail trading is totally broken, not that it ever was a beacon of moral righteousness, however, if you see it for what it is at present – it is a dirty seedy world full of scumbags and scams.

My mailbox and social media channels & forum accounts are filling up with scammers trying to fuck each other over – can you see what kind of state we are in here?

Can the real traders please stand up.