Dan Legg featured on Channel 4

Dan Legg is yet another broker affiliate scammer that has been given free advertising on a UK TV channel – Channel 4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ek6mTP0Q7A&feature=youtu.be

Dan Legg has been known as a scammer for over a year yet Channel 4 have done ZERO diligence and given him a platform to hundreds of thousands of people.

Dan Legg was featured in the Daily Mail, the Sun, The Metro and on MSN in 2019.

Apparently Dan Legg is about to be featured by Channel 5…

Dan Legg is part of the same scam ring as Ashley Richards and James Watts (Theforexhub & Forex Trading Help) – read here – https://forexcrypt.com/ashley-richards-james-watts-are-part-of-the-same-scam-ring-as-dan-legg/

Weirdly – Ashley Richards has put Cheddar Gorge as his location on Instagram, from the storied on Dan Legg, “Mr Legg comes from humble beginnings in rural Somerset where his parents ran an ice cream parlour near to the world-famous Cheddar Gorge.”
Ashley Richards, James Watts and Dan Legg are all linked to Southampton, UK.

In the last 3 weeks researching these scumbags I have found over 30 of them all at it. On current trajectory I will have 500 people in the scam list within a year.


The FCA are absolutely nowhere on this.
Their warning list is i) Out of date ii) Wholly inaccurate.

The FCA have still not put a warning out on Ashley Richards and ProphetFX – I submitted them 3 weeks ago.
Scammers are allowed to operate in the UK because the FCA are so unfit for purpose.
We urgently need cross agency action from the UK Government to include Action Fraud (Police), the FCA, Ofcom, the ASA and IPSO to cover this.
Each agency simply plays pass the parcel – trying to push you on to someone else.

You would have thought when notified the FCA then kick that complaint off to other agencies – WRONG. They do nothing.

The FCA are not even properly investigating the submitted scam complaint – they cannot even view this blog because of their firewall.
When I say the FCA are unfit for purpose I mean it.

Look at Mark Taber – he has submitted 150 scam complaints over the past year – only twelve have been put on the FCA warning list. TWELVE!

People I have spoken to about Dan Legg have little faith in Action Fraud and the FCA saying no one has got back to them.

This has to change.

Dan Legg – the facts

Lying that he is FCA authorised/regulated
Search the FCA Register -there is no record of a Daniel Legg nor TeamFX.

Companies House shows he is not a millonaire..
Dan Legg has three companies;

– Daniel Legg Holdings Limited – “30k Equity”
– TeamFX Limited – “51k Equity”
– Daniel Legg Properties Limited – Dormant

So hes not got millions thats for sure – same story as all the other scammers, pretend you are loaded, reality is you are simply scamming people via broker affiliate signups and courses and only really make a regular salary.

Daniel Legg has simply paid for PR and paid for photos in private jets – he is a fraud.

Dan Legg / TeamFX reviews

UPDATE 13/04/2020 22:05PM

more information is available here