Dan Legg is named in Daily Mail article on scammers

Daniel Legg

Dan Legg has finally been outed as a scammer in a mainstream UK article in the Daily Mail Newspaper.

Daniel Legg never made any money from professional Forex (FX) trading – none.

Daniel Legg never was and still is not a professional Forex Trader.

Dan Legg sells sham ‘FX courses’ and earns huge commissions from broker affiliate commission.

Dan Legg is part of the same scam ring as Ashley Richards & James Watts – their connections (Southampton) run deep.


Lets also clear something up –

  • Dan Legg is not FCA regulated, never was.
  • The FCA have never approved Dan Legg for anything.
  • Dan Legg is not listed as an authorised individual for Educate 2 Trade/SynergyFX/Tradeinbox – Stephen Meli’s business – on the FCA Register.

Dan Legg is a pathological liar who will say and do anything to protect / keep alive his totally bullshit instasham lifestyle (even pretending to make sure you are aware of those nasty scammers!) – he has been able get away with it because absolutely no one has stood in his way until I came along.

As I have mentioned – The FCA, Action Fraud, Trading Standards, HMRC are all absolutely fucking useless – the UK is a scammers paradise – this blog is documented evidence of that.

Read the articles on Daniel Legg on this blog – https://forexcrypt.com/tag/daniel-legg/

Dan Legg listed himself as a restaurant worker from 2015-2017.

He has then teamed/schemed with James Watts in Southampton to create bullshit forex courses and earn huge commission from Forex Brokers – thousands of pounds in commission via the brokers like BD Swiss.

What you now see on Instagram (if you can still view it) is a succession of that over the last 3 years.

His undoing is the Ashley Richards BBC story. Ashley Richards is the front for James Watts and “The Forex Hub” – Dan Legg then came to my attention via that.

James Watts and Daniel Legg both have the same accountant in Southampton – their links run deeper than this in Southampton and beyond.
They both schemed to get themselves on TV and draw a bigger audience via getting on to each UK National Television Broadcaster.

Ashley Richards the front for James Watts’ “Forex Hub Limited” got on to the BBC via “Young Welsh and Pretty Minted” BBC Wales / BBC Three and captain Jac Productions run by Catrin Rowlands.

I got the BBC Three episode Ashley Richards featured in, removed from air by the BBC, along with the associated website.
I never got an apology from the BBC – bit of a cover up me thinks.

I found out Ashley Richards was the front for James Watts, then Dan Legg came across my bow – and hey presto – their TV plot came to light.

I subsequently found Dan Legg got onto Channel 4 & Channel 5 – this is a measure of this scumbag – he actually used a TV show about going homeless to elevate his profile to sell more sham ‘FX courses’ and earn broker affiliate commission – that is absolutely fucking warped.
James Watts got onto the same “Rich Kids go Homeless” show as Dan Legg on Channel 5.

Also note the newspapers in the UK who have put this lot up in lights with zero diligence. None.
Who can you complain to? IPSO the apparent regulator are absolutely FUCKING USELESS.
The BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 need an Ofcom investigation too after this.

I have had no apologies or corrections from any UK newspaper or TV Broadcaster – they have all simply buried this.
You can say what you like and the newspapers, “journalists” and TV producers will swallow it whole.

Hopefully this article today is the dam bursting and we see the rest of these scumbags put up in lights for the right reason.

In any case, this is just the beginning of the end for this lot.

Remember who brought it to you first.

(Thank you for those who write to me with nice things – it means a lot.)