Daniel Legg is advertising on behalf of Tradeinbox Limited

Daniel Legg

source: courses.teamfxtrading.co.uk

This is interesting.

Daniel Legg is advertising for a ‘Trade Inbox Limite’ where he has been seen on the website as part of the team on the Trade Inbox website.

Why on earth is the supposed millionaire Daniel Legg having to ‘teach’ people Forex to earn a crust?

Hmmmmmm I wonder?

Could it be he isn’t a millionaire and its all bullshit to make people buy his courses, take his signals and deposit money into Broker BD Swiss so he earns broker affiliate commissions?

Stephen Meli listed below is a director of Tradeinbox Limited and the sole director of Synergy Markets Limited. He is also a director of Educate2trade Limited.

Source https://www.tradeinbox.co.uk/about-us