Daniel Legg TeamFX

Daniel Legg (Dan Legg Team FX) sent this to our hosting company…

Daniel Legg is yet another one that doesn’t like the truth being made public… so here is a whole page of reviews from Trustpilot, Facebook and Youtube about his recent video on Channel4.

Daniel – you have now earned my full attention. I am not going to stop until everyone knows the truth about you.
You are going to get laughed at by any lawyer given the below.

I am working with a journalist to get the truth exposed on you.

I am seeding this page around content delivery networks and other hosting partners – try getting them taken down.

Dan Legg runs TeamFX with Harrison Newman. They run an affiliate broker scam with the broker BD Swiss.

Daniel Legg is mates with James Watts and Ashley Richards – the proof is here https://forexcrypt.com/ashley-richards-james-watts-are-part-of-the-same-scam-ring-as-dan-legg/
Daniel Legg is consistently trying to deny it. If you read up on Dan Legg its common knowledge.

There was a co-ordinated move by Ashley Richards (James Watts) and Dan Legg to get on to TV.
The media did zero diligence and now we have a forex scam ring that has been promoted on the #BBC and #channel4 and soon to be #Channel5 to hundreds of thousands of people.

Daniel Legg (TeamFX) reviews online – these are screenshots of Channel4 TV Facebook and Youtube

You can read these Channel 4 TV Youtube comments yourself here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ek6mTP0Q7A

You can read the Channel 4 TV Facebook comments here https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=203524847491289

You can find real reviews of Team FX here on Trustpilot https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/teamfx.teachable.com

Harrison works for Daniel Legg as part of Team FX

Dan Legg – the facts

Lying that he is FCA authorised/regulated

Search the FCA Register -there is no record of a Daniel Legg nor TeamFX.

Companies House shows he is not a millonaire..
Dan Legg has three companies;

– Daniel Legg Holdings Limited – “30k Equity”
– TeamFX Limited – “51k Equity”
– Daniel Legg Properties Limited – Dormant

So hes not got millions thats for sure – same story as all the other scammers, pretend you are loaded, reality is you are simply scamming people via broker affiliate signups and courses and only really make a regular salary.

BD Swiss will be paying him affiliate commission – HMRC will want to know if tax has been paid on it.

Daniel Legg has simply paid for PR and paid for photos in private jets – he is a fraud.
We asked the company he used for his private jet – its simply a charter flight for a photo shoot stunt.

This is Daniel Legg’s Linkedin page – are you seriously going to give money to this guy?
He is a broker affiliate scammer – I have the evidence.
He is a fraud – I have the evidence.

Evidence from victims

Last night 25/03/2020 – we were handed some evidence of what Daniel Legg sends out to victims. We have a lot more evidence being handed over today – this is all going into a dossier for the FCA and the Police.
Someone was kind enough to give us his address – he is not in Southampton.

Daniel Legg sends his BD Swiss Affiliate Broker links via Whatsapp

Watch this space…