Do everyone (and me) a favour – Report these scammers to the Authorities TODAY

Help me to close these bastards down. My inbox is full this week on stuff about James Watts, Daniel Legg.
You need to help shut these people down – I am a lone voice out here at the moment.

It is no good telling me… I know.
Tell Action Fraud, the FCA and Trading Standards at the very least.

Yes I am doing a wonderful job – thanks.
Yes I am helping to disrupt their activity and shine a light on the utterly scammy world of retail forex (and crypto/equities) trading – but you need to help me closed these fuckers down.

You MUST report these scammers otherwise this just goes on for another 4 years – I am well aware of who the scammers are and what they do – I am sick of seeing/hearing stories about them – help close them down once and for all – they are criminals.

Don’t give Action Fraud or the FCA any excuse to say they were not aware – hammer their inboxes/complaints teams please (with legitimate complaints).

We have journalists on side at the moment – I was successful at taking Ashley Richards down by the BBC.
The FCA are now listening to me – if you have real evidence or anything that would help then email me and at the very least report them to Action Fraud, the FCA and Trading Standards.

Report to FCA here

Report to Trading Standards via Citizens advice

Report to Action Fraud (UK Police Fraud Intelligence Bureau)

ASA if they advertise on Instagram/Facebook etc

HMRC for tax evasion

IPSO for press complaints

Ofcom for Television complaints

Lets sort this wild west nonsense out – there should be no place for these scammers to hide anymore.