Emails Michael Watkins has sent me – all harassment, intimidation and lies

Just to make it obvious that Michael Watkins is the harasser, here are the emails Michael Watkins has sent me since April 14th 2020.

Michael Watkins new tactic is impersonating me and copying anything I say, parroting it out pretending he is the one being harassed.

Twitter Support still have not taken down the fake account he setup @forex_crypt impersonating me and sending abuse to people.

Remember, this has all occurred because I correctly blogged Michael Watkins (the holistic trader / mike indigo) was fraudulently using the “FCA regulated title” as part of his sales tactic, pretending he was a, “CEO of an FCA Regulated Hedge Fund”.

Michael Watkins isn’t FCA regulated.
I subsequently found out there never was a hedge fund.

Michael Watkins then made up a story claiming he had been hacked and documents stolen from him – these are the same documents he had sent to me in the emails below.

Michael Watkins has sent multiple bogus/vexatious reports to Police Forces around the UK.

Michael Watkins is clearly mentally ill and beyond warped – he is multiple personas online – he is engaged in a serious level of fraud, everything he says is a lie.

Michael Watkins has zero evidence of any wrongdoing by me.
I am none of the people he keeps accusing me of being.

North Wales Police have been sent this blog on multiple occassions and have done nothing.
I have contacted North Wales Police by email, facebook chat and their chat utility into control room twice – they have done nothing.

I have not yet submitted my report to my local police force yet.

I have been subjected to 7 weeks of sustained harassment, intimidation, threats, cyber bullying, doxing, ddos attacks carried out by Michael Watkins.

I have found out he is currently doing this to other people and has been doing it to other people since 2017.

This week he doxxed a woman in the UK who has had to go to the Police.

I will be using everything on this blog as evidence in my report to the Police – I have posted everything so everyone can see for themselves what Michael Watkins really is.

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