Fraudster Dan Legg still grifting

dan legg scammer

dan legg fraudster

Self admitting scammer Dan Legg has seen his trading scam ring start to fall down – so he has started pushing fake news articles via after real media companies started washing their hands of him by removing any reference to him.

Note this is done silently with no corrections or apologies being published.
Cough cover-up.

Let’s just recap on the fraudster Dan Legg story so far given media companies and newspapers want to bury any bad press after they supported fraudster Daniel Legg with zero diligence.

  • Channel 4 have taken down their Dan Legg Youtube ‘documentary’.
    This was all done on the quiet – another UK broadcaster cover up like the BBC with Dan Legg’s scam mate Ashley Richards.
  • Channel 5 & production company Zeppelin TV – have gone quiet – another UK broadcaster cover up like the BBC & Channel 4.
  • Instagram removed Dan Legg from their platform after Dan Miles of the Daily Mail investigated. (Dan Legg has setup another private account post the investigation)
  • The FCA have given a warning to his TeamFX Trading employee Harrison Newman.
  • Somerset Live have taken down their article on Dan Legg.
  • Weston Mercury have taken down their article on Dan Legg.
  • Daily Star have taken down their article on Dan Legg.

You can read about it all here

There is a lot more coming out which I cannot reveal at this point – there are a lot of people working on stuff in the background.

-Dan Legg is still active on
-Dan Legg is still selling his sham courses on

-Dan Legg is also on @dan_teamfx

Given I and others have had most of Daniel Legg’s newspaper and media BS ‘articles’ and ‘videos’ taken down after I showed that he is a fraudster (along with his mother Sandra Legg and father Kevin Legg…) Dan Legg is now getting fake BS ‘news’ articles pumped out everyday via fiverr to try to use them as creditable sources.

  • [email protected]://
  • [email protected]://
  • [email protected]://
  • [email protected]://
  • [email protected]://
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Are all fake/bs published recently – (remove/replace the @ symbols)

Dan Legg has utilised to the max to create a fake business persona online – it has worked with no one questioning it and no newspapers, broadcasters or TV producers doing a simple Google check into him – zero diligence.

Look at all Dan Legg’s videos – all fake, all scripted – they are all designed to lure victims in to the belief Dan Legg is rich – he isn’t.

Dan Legg cannot trade forex profitably and never did – that is the whole point here – everything is lies, everything is fake – so he can earn money from courses and broker affiliate commission.

Everything is rented out, these videos are all scripted stunts – even his father Kevin Legg is in on the act pretending to be surprised.

Dan Legg further lured these victims with ‘trading signals’ (a criminal offence in the UK where he lives) and sells sham ‘forex trading’ courses.

I am still waiting to hear on what action will be taken against Daniel Legg and Stephen Meli – given the victims of Dan Legg were moved into Stephen Meli’s “companies” – educate2trade/Synergy Trading/Tradeinbox.

Remember – Dan Legg used homeless people to further his scam to defraud people – he is pure scum.

This site was down as I decided to take a break – this is a lot of work for no/little gain apart from the odd plaudit.

Given, Action Fraud (National Fraud Intel Bureau), City of London Police Fraud team, National Crime Agency, Trading Standards and HMRC are nowhere on scams and fraud – I will take one for the team and have put the site back online.

Scams and fraud are now out of control in the UK – don’t let them tell you it was because of Coronavirus.