How and why ProphetFX – Edward Elford’s Myfxbook gives them away as a scam

I have to keep repeating myself because people are still not getting this.

  1. This is totally abnormal.
    I have never seen this in a Myfxbook and it is total bullshit.
Edward Elford’s Myfxbook

2. The recoveries are totally abnormal.
This is a classic signature of a Martingale

Edward Elford’s Myfxbook

The Drawdown on the 27th March is here – note how it recovers so quickly above?

That is a 19.41% loss in DAY!!!

That is a Martingale.

Edward Elford’s Myfxbook

3. But what about all the pips???!!!

Edward Elford’s Myfxbook

Well looky here – I have set up a demo test using a martingale trying to mirror Edward Elford… Look at my results…
This myfxbook is one commercial MT4 Expert Advisor (Shitty static low level program – some will call it a robot or an algorithm) that I am testing.

Forex Crypt Testing a commercial off the shelf Martingale MT4 Expert Advisor

Its really for easy for me to make these pretty Myfxbook accounts – do you get it yet?

20 year olds create pretty Myfxbook’s to suck you in to invest with them because they earn $500-1000 per sign up – that is you, you are worth $500-1000 to them.
They earn further commission on a traded round lot – this scam is huge business.

Stop funding criminals.