The BBC aired a TV programmed called, “Young Welsh and Pretty Minted” to hundreds of thousands of people featuring Ashley Richards from Tenby Wales.
The BBC have also promoted him in an article on their website.

I wrote in my Ashley Richards article that Ashley Richards was promoting Forex Trading Help. READ IT HERE –

I suggested because the address for ‘Forex Trading Help’ was in Hedge End (Southampton area UK) that it was the same person or group as ‘The Forex Hub’ (The Forexhub Limited).

“The Forex Hub” came up because Ashley Richards is promoting it on his Instagram.

Ashley Richards’ Instagram Page promoting “the forex hub” – James Watts’ company

I was right.

James Watts owns “Forex Trading Help” AND “The Forex Hub”.

James Watts and his brother Tom Watts are scammers on the south coast of the UK.

There is a whole Twitter page (with other scams) dedicated to James watts and his scams

In July of last year (2019) a BBC Journalist was asking around for people who had been scammed by James Watts.

BBC Journalist Ashni Lakhani asking on the Forex Help Trading Scam run by James Watts

8 months later and the BBC put Ashley Richards on TV in front of hundreds of thousands of people promoting ‘Forex Trading Help’ & ‘The Forex Hub’ – both setup by James Watts.
The BBC knew 8 months ago that James Watts was running scams.

All it took, was for me to google Ashley Richards and his old “Forex Help Trading” Twitter came up on the first page of Google.

‘The Forex Hub’ is on Ashley Richards’ own Instagram page for god’s sake.

The BBC KNEW Forex Help Trading (James Watts) was scamming people – they still put this bullshit programme “Young Welsh and Pretty Minted” out on TV.

Here is James Watts – he was known as a scammer as far back as 2016.

Where you will find James Watts Online





Companies House

James Watts has been busy creating companies…


– THEFOREXHUB LIMITED (10915520) – showing 21k on the balance sheet.

Note James Watts also is a director of;

– JAMES WATTS LIMITED (10628992) – showing 60k on the balance sheet.

– FHT ACADEMY LIMITED (10740253) – Dissolved. James Watts never put any money through it.

– TWINTUBS LIMITED (10241078) – Dissolved. James Watts never put any money through it. His brother Tom is also listed as a director.

HMRC need to look into all this – because there is certainly not enough in the accounts for the amount he is advertising – so James Watts is either lying that he has a lot of money or he is hiding it from HMRC.


The BBC have sent out the same cut and paste response today (05/04/2020) to the complaints logged about the ‘Young Welsh and Pretty Minted’ programme featuring Ashley Richards…
Note, I complained and I did not receive this – why did they not respond to me I wonder?

BBC Complaints Team response 05/04/2020 – full of lies – Ashley Richards himself is a fraud.
Ashley Richards is selling James Watts’ “Forex courses”

There is no way the BBC can get away with this anymore, given I have just found the above out.

Who in the BBC is going to put this right?

The BBC are getting an Ofcom complaint for starters.