I was right. Read this

I knew I was right.

Read this Facebook page from April 2019 – it reports on Auto Forex Trading (Celestial) run by Sam Gill.



This is what the scammers are doing. I am willing to bet ProphetFX and Gurvin Singh are exactly the same.

They all went bang in January/February and blamed it on a “rogue trade” of course it wasn’t – it is a Martingale EA and it will go bang no matter what you do with it.

I have to keep repeating myself until people get it.

1. They buy a shitty MT4 Expert Advisor. It is a martingale – it will go bang and lose everyones money.
2. They setup sales funnels across social media.
3. People sign up and they get huge commission from the brokers – $500-1000 per sign up.

the EA will go bang and they disappear.