James Watts & Daniel Legg have now both been on Rich Kids Go Homeless

dan legg scammer

dan legg fraudster

Look who it is – James Watts (The Forex Hub Limited) – Remember his orange Audi in https://forexcrypt.com/ashley-richards-james-watts-are-part-of-the-same-scam-ring-as-dan-legg/

Look who it is – Daniel Legg (Team FX Limited)

I pointed out that they both share the same accountant here https://forexcrypt.com/ashley-richards-james-watts-are-part-of-the-same-scam-ring-as-dan-legg/

Note James Watts is behind Ashley Richards who I have just had taken down by the BBC after 10 weeks of telling them. https://forexcrypt.com/ashley-richards-forex-scam/

Would someone at Channel 5 & Zeppelin Films like to explain?

The Daily Mail, Mirror and The Sun & the Somerset Live have all run the story – I am now trying to shut it down – this will be another 10 weeks wasted.