Michael Watkins has set himself up as a fake Cyber Security Expert “@CyberSGB”

So, not only has Michael Watkins engaged in weeks of;

-Cyber Bullying
-DDOS attacks on this server…

which I have itemised here https://forexcrypt.com/mike-watkins-harassment-update-18-04-2020/

Michael Watkins has also made multiple vexatious Police reports to;

-North Wales Police
-North Wales Police Cyber Unit
-Action Fraud UK
-London Metropolitan Police
-Queensland Police Australia

Michael Watkins also created hundreds and hundreds of Tweets stating I was a “Scott Schink”… You can read some of them listed out on the page here https://forexcrypt.com/michael-watkins-holistictrader-featured-on-new-kids-on-the-blockchain-caught-faking-positive-reviews/

Michael Watkins is now pretending he is a cyber Security Expert @CyberSGB on Twitter.

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Michael Watkins is stating he is running IT Security tools like OSINT to trace who I am.
The tools are working so well, that he said that for the past four+ weeks I am a “Scott Schink” – I let him go a long with it.

– This week apparently I was a “Stephen from Nottingham”.

– Tuesday night I was now apparently “Arif Goksel from Celestial TT”, (who I had already listed as a scam months ago on this blog).

Slow clap.

In each ‘engagement’ with Michael Watkins, he tells me that he is going to sue me – I have no idea what for.
You cannot sue someone for reporting the facts.

CyberSGB fake “Cyber Security” expert appears…

In an yet another failed attempt to shut me down, Michael Watkins emailed Cloudflare who protect this website from his very own DDOS attacks.

In that email he stated;

Reporter’s Name: Michael Watkins

Reporter’s Email Address: [email protected]….ctrader.com

Reporter’s Title: Forex Crypt

Reporter’s Telephone Number: 075552

Reporter’s Address: GB

Reported URLs:


Logs or Evidence of Abuse: To whom it may concern,

Recently I have been the target of a domain registered to your company until the domain name www.forexcrypt.com who has been involved in very serious and targeted harassment of myself and my business and has since caused my a financial loss of £9,000 due to fraud and releasing confidential documents.

I have since registered a Crime with Wales and MET Police here in the UK and also www.actionfraud.police.uk and they have also told me it would be worthwhile to contact the domain holder and lodge a formal request for the site to be blacklisted.

As such I am now contacting your company based on my search of the domain registrar and asking for your assistance in this matter

Please see below for details of the Crime No and the Police Sergeant in charge of my complaint.

Crime Number: Y053982 Sgt 1482 Rowlands. MRU, HQ, Colwyn Bay.

Many thanks,

Michael Watkins.

Comments: Crime Number: Y053982 Sgt 1482 Rowlands. MRU, HQ, Colwyn Bay.

Action Fraud UK: RE: NFRC200403604967

Action Fraud are involved because these people have hacked my PC and stolen confidential documents then released them online and this has cost me and.my business partners £9,000

Ive also had a reply from the site groundground compliance team who told me to contact here.

Please help me remove these hackers from the internet.

So there you go… Michael Watkins has made up a story that he has been hacked – except he hasn’t.

Remember this blog post – https://forexcrypt.com/mike-watkins-mike-indigo/

Michael Watkins got his contract terminated by AK Jensen because he was engaged in fraudulent use of the “FCA regulated” title as part of his sales tactic.

Michael Watkins is now claiming that all of that “financial loss” is because he was hacked.

If you check the blog – it clearly shows he caused his own financial loss by breaking the terms of the AK Jensen contract that he signed, along with fraudulent use of the “FCA regulated” title.

Michael Watkins is a seriously dangerous and twisted individual.
He is multiple fake identities online across social media platforms – every single thing he says is a lie. No wonder he is sat at home watching his CCTV day and night.

He is clearly mentally ill and he has engaged in these campaigns of abuse, doxxing and harassment to multiple other people around the world – I have most of them in my inbox pleading me to deal with him.

Do not engage Michael Watkins – simply report him to the authorities in your local jurisdiction where appropriate.

Michael Watkins isn’t even hiding the fact that he is @cybersgb on twitter…

The best one is this Tweet below in which he actually states in reference to the @MW_Block account which was @Mi_AWatkins (which he changed the name of and then took down after I exposed him) that Blocktraders Limited is his company…

Michael Watkins is claiming the @MW_Block account which was @Mi_AWatkins prior, wasn’t him. (I have no idea if the Twitter account was his, there is a Charles Benedict involved from “Ace Trading”)

In his attempts to pretend that he is a cyber security expert he has exposed that the @cyberSGB account is him.

So there you go… @CyberSGB is Michael Watkins