Mike Watkins Harassment Update 18/04/2020 (Ongoing)

Bitcoin & Crypto Fraudster Michael Watkins

I am creating a fresh text page given there is now so much information I can’t get it into a tangible document.

The main page is here https://forexcrypt.com/mike-watkins-mike-indigo/

I will keep a text tally of any harassment here;


  • Michael Watkins has setup Twitter account “@forex_crypt” telling people that my account was hacked and to unfollow me. (I have NOT been hacked my account @theforexcrypt is secure).


  • Michael Watkins is now sending emails from an anonymous Protonmail account stating if I do not delete my blog and twitter accounts he will release information on me.
  • In one email he claims I have been under surveillance for 4 days.
  • Over the past couple of weeks he has sent multiple harassing communications via email and Twitter.


  • This week Michael Watkins has claimed I was Stephen from Nottingham.
  • This week Michael Watkins claimed I was Arif from London.
  • For the past 6 weeks Michael Watkins claimed I was Scott Schink.
  • Michael Watkins is now posing as a fake Cyber Security analyst under Twitter handle @CyberSGB.
  • Michael Watkins says he has reported me to CIFAS.
  • Michael Watkins says he has reported me to Companies House.
  • Michael Watkins says “Cyber Crime” are now dealing with his vexatious report…
  • Michael Watkins says that Solomon from Ferox Security underwrites his bogus claims.


  • Michael Watkins has now sent emails to my hosting provider, my domain provider and Cloudflare with total lies on it (claiming he has been hacked and suffered financial loss). They have all rightly told him to get lost.


  • Now up to 12 days of harassment, intimidation, abuse, stalking, computer crime from Michael Watkins holistictrader.
  • Michael Watkins holistictrader has now confirmed he has;
    – Contacted the ICO.
    – Contacted Cloudflare who are protecting me because he is DDOS’ing me.
    – Made vexatious reports to Action Fraud UK (UK Police Fraud Intelligence bureau), North Wales Police UK, North Wales Police Cyber Unit UK, Australian Cyber Security Service (Australian Govt), Queensland Police (Australia).
    – Had my Facebook page temporarily removed.
    – Had my Medium.com account suspended.
  • Sent abuse on the babypips.com forum.
  • Sent dozens and dozens of abusive messages from https://twitter.com/Ken_Williams012/with_replies


  • Had the Forexcrypt Medium.com page taken down.
  • Sent another stream of abusive tweets from a burner account.
  • Gone beserk in the babypips thread.


  • Sent another nonsense email involving the Police.


  • Sent two further harassing emails with Action Fraud emails attached with claims of “fraud, theft & harassment” – all lies.
  • Sent abuse from a fake Twitter account @ken_williams012 (he stole the profile pic from Blockchain Bob) because his account @holistictrader has been sin binned for sending me sustained abuse on Twitter.


  • Carried out another DDOS attack sending over 180,000 requests to the server.
  • Sent a further stream of spamming/harassing tweets.
  • Claims he has now lodged a crime complaint with;

    – Action Fraud UK (UK Police Fraud Intelligence bureau)
    – North Wales Police UK
    – North Wales Police Cyber Unit UK
    – Australian Cyber Security Service (Australian Govt)
    – Queensland Police (Australia)

    All are simply vexatious claims from his “civil dispute”.


  • Sent over 90 spamming/harassing tweets.
  • Sent abusive email.


  • Mike Watkins has DDOS’d the website again.
  • Mike Watkins posted proof on Twitter he did take my Facebook account down.
  • He has posted more nonsense on Twitter (and deleted all the abusive tweets he sent – I have a copy of the page for Law enforcement).
  • Sent yet another email with nonsense in.


  • Mike Watkins spammed my email account with 20 harassing emails in 47 minutes.
  • Mike Watkins spammed my Twitter with over 30 harassing and abusive tweets.
  • Making further claims of Police reports to North Wales Police with a referral to the Financial Investigation Unit for fraud – I am not sure who or what that is about.
  • Making claims of Police reports to London Metropolitan Police.
  • Claim of reporting to FCA – not sure what for.


  • Mike Watkins DDOS’d this website.
  • Repeated false claims he had directly spoken with/made direct complaint to North Wales Police Cyber Unit.
  • Claimed he had contacted London Metropolitan Police / made a vexatious complaint. Even provided a “reference” in email and on Twitter…
  • Claimed he had no access to a computer, when he had sent me abuse from his wordpress account from his home address the same day.
  • He repeated threat of suing me.
  • He repeated accusations of harassment.
  • Had my Facebook account taken down – even gloating on Twitter that the page had been removed.
  • Sent multiple harassing emails with Police report claims which are either false or vexatious.


  • Mike Watkins DDOS’d this website.
  • Repeated false claims of North Wales Police Cyber Unit involvement – all false. He made laughable claims he had contacted Police because of libel in a civil dispute.
  • Repeat threats of “seeing me in court” / suing me for libel.
  • False accusations of cyber bullying.
  • Admits he lied about being FCA regulated with withering apology.


  • Falsely claimed he is suing me – there is no writ, no claim. In any case what is he going to sue me for?
  • Falsely claimed A* J***** is suing me – they are not.
  • Stating he is getting the FCA and SEC involved – for what? What are they going to do?
  • Falsely claiming he had ‘just spoken with Police’

This is a sustained campaign of;

  • harassment
  • Intimidation
  • Stalking
  • Cyber bullying
  • Misuse of computers

All Mike Watkins wants is my name and address.

All because I correctly stated Michael Watkins holistictrader is not FCA regulated. Michael Watkins is a fraud.

I have copied & secured everything (including server logs) for law enforcement – no one should have to go through this.

I have sent pdf copies and/or links to this page and the main page on Mike Watkins to;

  • North Wales Police Cyber unit 16/04/2020
  • North Wales Police 18/04/2020
  • London Metropolitan Police 18/04/2020

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