Mike Watkins (Mike Indigo)


Mike Watkins / Michael Watkins / Mike Indigo.

Michael Watkins Director of Indigo Digital Asset Management Limited Company number 12156748.

Michael Watkins Director of Blocktraders Limited
Company number 11731915.

Website: Theholistictrader.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HolisticTrader

Mike Watkins Background

Firstly – have a watch of this video – I am now facing the same situation from Mike Watkins – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=33&v=kGFuz1As-mQ&feature=emb_logo

Here are the comments from that video…

Youtube comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=33&v=kGFuz1As-mQ&feature=emb_logo

This is then further backed up by the same person who made that video https://www.publish0x.com/cryptocurrency-educationblock-traders/my-crazy-crypto-story-4-months-of-slander-defamation-modifie-xdrzrn

It is exactly what I am now going through with Mike Watkins. This is an insane situation – how has he been allowed to get away with all of this?

What can I say…

Tonight 14/04/2020 Mike Watkins has sent me multiple emails telling me he is going to sue me – I can only think it is in relation to putting him in the Scam list – for good reason – Mike Watkins has stated that he is FCA regulated – so everyone can see for themselves – have a look at these two screenshots…

Theholistictrader.com“First FCA regulated Crypto fund in the UK
Mike Watkins Twitter HolisticTrader – “CEO of an FCA Regulated Hedge Fund”

Just to avoid any claims of impropriety here is the Google page results..

Now if you check the FCA register Mike Watkins / Michael Watkins nor the two companies he is a director of are FCA authorised/regulated for Financial Services Activity.

– Mike Watkins is not FCA authorised nor regulated for financial trading activities.

– Indigo Digital Asset Management Limited Company number 12156748 is not FCA authorised nor regulated for financial trading activities.

– Blocktraders Limited Company number 11731915 is not FCA authorised nor regulated for financial trading activities.

Stating you are FCA regulated when you are in fact not, is fraud.
He has even tried to backtrack on these claims after I have exposed him, I have taken a copy of his website and his Twitter page for the FCA.

Abuse, harassment and stalking begins…

Tonights nonsense – 14/04/2020

Tonight I got a series of emails from Mike Watkins – I am posting them here for you all to see.

Mike Watkins has fraudulently claimed he is FCA regulated and claimed A* J***** Limited are suing me.

As you can read below as the evening progressed – he has then backtracked on both claims.




EMAIL 2 – this came in after – note the timestamps – my email server must be rubbish… “We are now pursuing”. Plus the GDPR stuff is nonsense – his name and address are already online.


In this email he attached a document he thinks covers him for his FCA claim – it doesn’t. It only mentions the Cayman Islands – as you will read in “email 4”.







EMAIL 6 – backtracking on his FCA claim.






EMAIL 9 – Now he sends this nonsense – classic behaviour.

This shouldn’t need much commentary – you can make your own assumptions up.

This is almost a carbon copy of behaviour I get online in forums – almost word for word – I have seen it over and over again when I expose stuff – they genuinely lose it.

When I say I get nothing for doing this I mean it, this chews up a stupid amount of time.
Oh well maybe I will be rewarded in the after life or something.

UPDATE 1 15/04/2020 12:54pm

A* J***** Limited have responded to an email I wrote them this morning verifying Mike Watkins claims – I will not be sharing that email for confidential reasons (this mornings email is in addition to the one I copied them in on last night as above in EMAIL 3).

A* J***** confirm Michael Watkins is lying
  • As you can read here above A* J***** is not suing me.
  • As you can read above in EMAIL 1, Mike Watkins said, “Myself and my Fund Managers, A* J***** are formally launching Libel and Slander Legal proceeding for extensive damages due to your post” – it is a lie.

UPDATE 2 15/04/2020 14:00PM

Mike Watkins has now sent this and a bunch of emails claiming he has sent a writ to my address and that North Wales Cyber Crime Unit are investigating off the back of a “Fraud UK” report – its all bullshit.


EMAIL 10 – claiming he has lodged a complaint with Action Fraud.

UPDATE 3 16/04/2020 08:36am

Site has been DDOS’d since this post went up.

Note the spurious request used by the attacker? “GET /?s=fraud”.

DDOS attack from 1400 16/04/2020 onwards.

We finally got the site stable around 0200 16/04/2020.

Since posting & sorting the DDOS, Mike Watkins has sent in a stream of emails.


EMAIL 11“I will see you in Court”.






EMAIL 14 – claiming he is suing me…



EMAIL 16 & 17

EMAIL 16 & 17




EMAIL 19 – Mike Watkins again tries to change tack and cover himself – it is still fraud.
He knew what he was doing and has not changed his Twitter nor his Website – its fraudulent use of the FCA Authorisation/Regulation title.


EMAIL 20 – Mike Watkins still claiming civil disputes are criminal offences and claiming North Wales Cyber Unit are involved.





UPDATE 4 16/04/2020 11:49am

To say Mike Watkins is obsessed is an understatement.
I cannot log into Facebook as it has been temporarily removed.
See what Mike Watkins posted on Twitter…

Mike Watkins knows my Facebook page has been temporarily removed in the last few hours – why? Is this an admission from Mike Watkins?


EMAIL 23 – more harassment from Mike Watkins.

UPDATE 5 16/04/2020 14:09pm

Now Mike Watkins has started following the backup page and sent me an abusive message with it.
He has also been sending bizarre tweets, more emails – Totally Obsessive (Harassing) / Stalker behaviour.

Mike Watkins now following back up site as we had to copy data over whilst being DDOS’d.

UPDATE 6 17/04/2020 15:30pm

Mike Watkins has just sent in 20 emails in 47 minutes – More harassment and stalking – it all just gets added to the list.

Note – Mike Watkins has already confirmed he lied above that he was FCA regulated.



EMAIL 24 – 44

EMAIL 24 -44 – There are more above this up to 14:27 pm today

UPDATE 7 17/04/2020 – Twitter abuse and harassment

Screenshot of Twitter 17/04/2020 – abuse and harassment from Mike Watkins

UPDATE 8 17/04/2020 17:48pm – confirmation Mike Watkins lied about speaking to police

Here we have confirmation that Mike Watkins hadn’t spoken to North Wales Police Cyber Unit – as I pointed out in “EMAIL 4” it was bogus, here you have confirmation that Mike Watkins has lied (again)…

UPDATE 9 17/04/2020 18:12pm

More harassment from Mike Watkins

RECAP 17/04/2020 17:00pm

Just to recap – since 14th April;

-Mike Watkins has sent me abuse, harassment and is stalking me for posting that he is not FCA authorised/regulated.

-After Mike being exposed ((and “A* J***** telling him”) he is not FCA regulated) – he has now admitted that he is indeed not FCA authorised/regulated.

– Mike Watkins has made false claims A* J***** were suing me.
A* J***** confirmed they are not suing me, it was all made up by Mike Watkins.

– Mike Watkins has made false claims he had spoken to North Wales Police Cyber Crime Unit. You can see the evidence above, where he has contradicted himself and clearly hasn’t.

– Mike Watkins says he has logged an online complaint with North Wales Police Cyber Unit.

– Mike Watkins says he has logged an online complaint with London Metropolitan Police.

– Mike Watkins has repeatedly made false allegations about me and/or what is on this website – you (including law enforcement) can all read what I have written – no laws have been broken by me.

– This website has been DDOS’d twice – amazing coincidence.

– My Facebook page was taken down – amazing coincidence.

– Mike Watkins has spammed my email and Twitter with streams of abuse and harassment.

As you can read from the Youtube video comments above – this is not an isolated incident by Mike Watkins.

This is not my first rodeo – this is exactly the same behaviour I have encountered from people like this. The ones at the lower end of the scale are the most volatile.

The false claims of Police involvement etc are a carbon copy of a case I faced 2 years ago.

It should be abundantly clear to anyone now why I remain anonymous.
You can see how dangerous it is if Mike Watkins finds out who I am – Mike Watkins is desperate to get my name and address.

As I have pointed out in other posts;

– I have nothing to sell.
– Nothing I do is malicious – I am simply blogging about scammers committing fraud.

All of Mike’s actions are simply desperate attempt to get me to take the factually correct information down – that he is not FCA regulated when he has been selling & advertising on the basis he is.

All the information is being collated and stored securely – the website is currently stable.

UPDATE 10 17/04/2020 18:32pm

Further lies and harassment from Mike Watkins – You have to make a report to your local police force first. In both cases (Met Police & North Wales Cyber Unit) – Mike Watkins hasn’t done this.

Mike Watkins lying – you have to contact your local Police to file a crime. Also note the threat.

Mike Watkins also posted this… and subsequently deleted it when I posted that he is the one fraudulently claiming he is FCA regulated.

My Twitter reply…

Mike Watkins also posted this below – its just further lies.
The Police have to investigate to see if a crime has been committed – Mike Watkins will have to supply evidence – of course there has been no crime committed by me.
Mike Watkins is simply desperate to get my name and address – he is hell bent on a “court date” – obviously that’s not how things work.

Tweet from Mike Watkins

A stream of abuse/spam/harassment Tweets on Twitter. There is pages and pages of it. He has spammed my Twitter and my email with this – it is clear who did the DDOS.

Tweets from Mike Watkins
Tweets from Mike Watkins
Tweets from Mike Watkins
More abuse from Mike Watkins
Also in the tweets…

In the Tweet in the left, Mike Watkins says he is in Cornwall – yet if you look on the right, the very same day 16/04/2020, the IP address he sent that abuse via WordPress.com is his home IP in the North Wales area.
So yet another lie – this lie is that he doesn’t have access to computers.

UPDATE 11 17/04/2020 19:35pm

Alleged Fraud? Huh??????

So far Mike Watkins “says” he has contacted;

Action Fraud (Police Fraud Intelligence Bureau)

London Metropolitan Police. He should contact his local Police force.

North Wales Cyber Crime Unit. He lied about having spoken to them the same day, Action Fraud will not have redirected him that quickly (he said he reported me to Action Fraud – for what I do not know) – this is now confirmed by the above.
Now, after never having spoken to North Wales Cyber Crime Unit, apparently North Wales Police have redirected him to the Financial Investigation Unit.

– and now he says he has contacted North Wales Police – as you can see here they have re-directed him to the Financial Investigation Unit.
Note the bit above about “Alleged Fraud” and having to log a case to Action Fraud – huh, what fraud, by whom? himself?

Are these all photoshop or what?

Remember so far – all I have done is said, “Mike Watkins has lied – he is not regulated by the FCA”. Everything you read above is a result of that.

I welcome any Police investigation so they can see the facts.
I had already spoken to North Wales Cyber Crime Unit 15/04/2020 & 16/04/2020 via their social media channels to make them aware of the situation – I gave them the blog.
Remember – all Mike Watkins wants is my name and address.

UPDATE 12 18/04/2020 11:00am

  • He also posted this to his Twitter – I was correct – it was him that had my Facebook page down – look how many reports he made. Further harassment.
Mike Watkins shared this on Twitter – he is not very bright, he is sharing evidence of targeted harassment.

UPDATE 13 18/04/2020 16:50pm

More nonsense from Mike Watkins via twitter (and he’s deleted all the abusive tweets he sent – I have a copy of the page for Law enforcement).

Tweets from Mike Watkins



UPDATE 14 18/04/2020 17:53pm

Admission from Mike Watkins it is him DDOS’ing this website. (It was blatantly obvious with the request signature and timing).

UPDATE 15 19/04/2020 14:50pm

Here is evidence of him DDOS’ing the website

DDOS stats from cloudflare
DDOS stats from cloudflare
DDOS stats from cloudflare

Mike Watkins is using bots/paid for reviews & followers for his social media – the further I investigate the worse it gets.

  • Mike Watkins has been caught falsifying Police reports.
  • Mike Watkins has been caught falsifying claims of a company called A* J***** Limited suing me.
  • In the video above from Youtube you can see he doctored Thailand SEC emails. You can watch it here – https://www.publish0x.com/cryptocurrency-educationblock-traders/my-crazy-crypto-story-4-months-of-slander-defamation-modifie-xdrzrn

    I don’t believe anything Mike says or publishes to be true. The Police reports are all vexatious/lies – he has been logging them from burner accounts and just posting the screenshots.

    Hence he deleted the FCA email – it showed his burner account.

    He is simply posting Vexatious Police reports as a scare tactic.

I got an email to say look at Mike Watkins Youtube and Twitter followers rising by hundreds per day – its not possible if you search for him online – you can find little about him, there is no way its real traffic.

To confirm this – have a look at this below – this is his Youtube – all fake likes.
You don’t get 4 likes per comment like that – this is all paid for/bots doing this.

You tube with fake likes striped uniformly across his page

There is absolutely nothing real to this guy is there? I suspect this goes a lot deeper than we can see.
He sits at home watching his CCTV of his front driveway from his back bedroom – if it wasn’t already obvious from his behaviour above – there is something very, very wrong here.

To be clear – I have done nothing wrong, no law broken. All I did was post correctly, Mike Watkins was fraudulently using the FCA Regulated title as a sales tactic – look what has happened since.

I welcome any Police investigation from any country/agency. I will gladly help put this guy away – this is obscene.

I have sent pdf copies and/or links to this page and the harassement page on Mike Watkins to;

  • North Wales Police Cyber Unit 16/04/2020
  • North Wales Police 18/04/2020
  • London Metropolitan Police 18/04/2020

UPDATE 16 19/04/2020 15:27pm

Mike Watkins has just spammed my account with harassment – sending 24 tweets in under 5 minutes.
He is also doxxing (sharing personal information – address & phone number) for the purpose of harassment.

Twitter harassment

I have contacted Twitter support.

UPDATE 17 22/04/2020 14:19pm

I am keeping a tally of harassment here https://forexcrypt.com/mike-watkins-harassment-update-18-04-2020/

UPDATE 18 22/04/2020 16:51pm

Further harassment via email from Michael Watkins with yet MORE vexatious reports to the Police.


  • What fraud?
  • What theft?
  • What lies?
  • What harassment?

    Of course there is zero evidence – its all lies by Michael Watkins as a scare tactic.

    Everything on this page is presented as 100% fact by me. Its in the screenshots – you cannot contest it.

    If anyone wants to, we can have a third party forensically verify everything on here is 100% fact?

    North Wales Police have been sent this blog and have a copy of it in pdf format.
    I have been transparent with them and welcome any investigation so they can see the facts – Michael Watkins is a harasser, a stalker, and a fraud – It is explicitly clear to anyone reading this blog.

    This yet another vexatious report by Michael Watkins full of lies.
    Why would anyone share (Crime Reference Numbers) CRN’s over the internet? – They wouldn’t unless they are used as a scare tactic.

    Further, he is still desperate to get my address in the belief the Police will hand over someones address for civil dispute.
    He keeps talking about court…

    Michael Watkins has now stated he has lodged reports with;
  • – Action Fraud UK (UK Police Fraud Intelligence Bureau)
  • – North Wales Police UK
  • – North Wales Police Cyber Unit UK
  • – Australian Cyber Security Service (Australian Govt)
  • – Queensland Police (Australia)
  • – The Financial Conduct Authority UK

    All bogus/Vexatious reports.

I am keeping a tally of harassment here https://forexcrypt.com/mike-watkins-harassment-update-18-04-2020/



UPDATE 19 22/04/2020 20:46pm

Mike Watkins’ Twitter account @holistictrader is in the sin bin for sending harassment (should be permanently banned but there we go).

Tonight Mike Watkins has sent abuse from fake account @ken_williams012

I checked the profile picture…
The profile picture is stolen from Blockchain Bob (@riskfreeswinger) an actual trader with real signals.

After uncovering Mike Watkins he blocked me on the @ken_williams012 account.

Note Mike Watkins has now changed the picture on @ken_williams012

Mike Watkins is a proven Fraud.

To top it off – he then sends tweets to himself from @holistictrader to @ken_williams012

Mike Watkins under fake burner account @Ken_Williams012

Blockchain Bob the original photo
showing that Mike Watkins changed the profile picture – he stole it from blockchain bob.
Sending tweets to himself from @holistictrader to @ken_williams012

CONCLUSION 23/04/2020

Pending any more harassment… This is the final post on this nonsense – what the fucking hell did I get into here?????

8 days of sustained harassment for writing the truth, Michael Watkins was listed on the scam warning page for fraudulently using the title, “FCA Regulated” – when he wasn’t.

I was 100% correct, everything stated is 100% fact. It has been confirmed by his “fund managers” – They are simply a third party fund setup vehicle who would setup a Cayman Islands Limited company for him (AKA the fund).

Here is his email 19 again – I have pointed out issues with it;

Email 19 with my notation.

In the contract he signed (yes he signed it, so cannot plead ignorance/misunderstanding) it explicitly states;

Phase 5 in contract he sent me in email 2 “Infrastructure Proposal”
Michael Watkins signed the above where it explicitly states formation at phase 5.

Now, I checked the Cayman Islands company register for ‘Indigo Digital Discretionary Limited’ – it doesn’t exist.

His fund setup vehicle partners confirm here below he never got to phase 2 as he had stalled on them.


MICHAEL WATKINS NEVER EVEN GOT TO PHASE 2 out of an 8 PHASE PROCESS to onboard clients as a Cayman Islands registered Limited Company (AKA the ‘fund’) under CIMA regulation.

email back to Michael Watkins from his fund setup vehicle partner A* J*****

So there you go, Michael Watkins is a fraud.

Michael Watkins stated he was an “FCA Regulated Hedge Fund Manager” – that is a total lie – its actually 2 lies.

– No Fund.
– No FCA regulation.

It isn’t an oversight, it isn’t a misunderstanding – he has sent me the contract (Infrastructure Proposal) in email 2 to ‘prove’ he had a “UK Hedge Fund”

Email 2 – lies yet again.

Even better – he has lied in the email he says he sent North Wales Police – email 13. (note wasting Police time for a civil dispute…)

email 13 where Michael Watkins lied to Police – his company was not managed by any Fund Manager – he never set up Indigo Digital Discretionary Limited!

Fraudulently using the title of FCA Regulated when you are not, as part of a sales tactic is a scam, it is fraud.

Not only is he a fraud – he is a serial liar, a harasser, a stalker, a cyber bully and misuses computers by spamming and sending DDOS attacks.

Everything here is 100% fact & independently/forensically verifiable.

North Wales Police have been sent this blog – I will not tolerate any harassment/bullying from Michael Watkins.

UPDATE 20 26/04/2020 15:49pm

The abuse and harassment has not stopped.

Today I have caught Michael Watkins holistictrader faking positive reviews of himself in an interview on Youtube with New Kids on the Blockchain.

He has used exactly the same accounts – I have created an article here and asked New Kids on the Blockchain for comment.


UPDATE 21 10/05/2020 17:51pm

Michael Watkins has now sent this email below to my hosting provider, my domain provider and my DDOS protection provider – they have all told him to get stuffed.

This is what he sent;

Michael Watkins email to my providers – all lies

Lets just go through each one of these lies by Michael Watkins;

  1. I have not embarked on/in any harassment. You can read everything as it is all published on this page.
  2. I have not caused any financial loss to anyone. If Michael Watkins has lost money that is his own fault.
  3. I have not embarked on/in any fraud.
  4. I have not hacked anyone.
  5. I have not stolen any confidential documents.

Further, Michael Watkins repeats the vexatious/bogus claims made to North Wales Police, Action Fraud and London Metropolitan Police.

Of course, Michael Watkins cannot provide ANY evidence to back up these lies.

Let’s call this out for what it is – Michael Watkins is going around telling people he has been ‘hacked’ in order to get this website shut down.

Michael Watkins is saying this because his Hedge Fund vehicle provider A* J***** pulled the plug after they saw his online behaviour.

Because A* J***** pulled the plug, Michael Watkins is now going around telling people he has been hacked and that ‘documents’ were stolen from him – trouble is that Michael Watkins emailed out these very same ‘documents’ as you can read/see above.

Michael Watkins is clearly not well and we wish him all the best with seeking help.

Again FYI, it is all published here, backed up and stored securely in the event I have to go to the Police or make a civil claim against Michael Watkins.
Michael Watkins has subjected me to weeks of sustained harassment, DDOS, abuse, Stalking and cyber bullying and as you can read above is making very dangerous lies up.

This site is also published elsewhere in the event of DDOS/Takedown requests – the truth will never be silenced.

UPDATE 22 21/05/2020

Michael Watkins is now stating he has reported me to Companies House and CIFAS and that “Cyber Crime” are handling whatever nonsense vexatious report he has made.
I assume this to be North Wales Police Cyber Crime Unit?

UPDATE 23 22/05/2020

Michael Watkins has now set himself up as a fake Cyber Security Expert @cybersgb on Twitter.

UPDATE 24 30/05/2020

Michael Watkins has now sent out an email stating I have been under surveillance for four days and that if I don’t take my website and Twitter down he will release information on me to the public.

UPDATE 25 01/06/2020

Michael Watkins has setup Twitter account @forex_crypt telling people that my account was hacked and to unfollow me. (I have NOT been hacked my account @theforexcrypt is secure).

Request for Information if you have been scammed

People are sending me information that they have on Mike Watkins – if you have more please send it in – I will keep this page updated and hopefully we can all collate something for the regulators/agencies to see and put this to bed – No one should have to endure abuse, harassment, stalking or threats from scammers like this – this is obscene – the agencies/regulators are failing us if they cannot get a grip on people like this.

If you have been scammed you need to contact the local financial regulator and Police Fraud department in your area.

Page showing harassment by Michael Watkins in list format: https://forexcrypt.com/mike-watkins-harassment-update-18-04-2020/

Email me, as contact form is broken due to protecting site from DDOS by Michael Watkings.