MT4 Scam EA’s update

I got hold of 700 Commercial EA’s from someone to test them and show you the lies from the broker affiliate scammer.

I have tested over 150 so far.

Metatrader 4 Expert Advisors are just another dimension to the retail forex scam – 99% of them failed within a week.
Most are simply copies of others and renamed.

Further, MT4 is a toy. It is a static piece of junk. You will never automate anything of worth with it – try me.

The broker affiliate scammers are lying to you. It is a martingale – It will always go bang.
The fact people invest money on the back of this is shocking.
The fact people pay for these “robots” is shocking – they are garbage.

I know far more about MT4 than you and the scammers put together – You can either believe the scammers or you can listen to me.

Retail Forex Trading is a scam – all of it.
11 weeks ago I would have said elements of retail forex trading is a scam, now I know all of it is a scam.

Scam EA 1 – Look at the straight line up – Beautiful for marketing purposes huh?

Scam EA 2 – More straight lines up…

No I am not going to tell you what these are – stop asking.

Insta-Affiliate Scammer Business

If I can do this – how hard do you think it is for me to setup;

  • Myfxbook with a straight line up.
  • Telegram/Whatsapp/Discord chat rooms with fake screen shots (MT4 demo videos showing massive gains).
  • Social Media channels with the fake MT4 trade reports/screenshots – Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.
  • Website selling signals and trade copy/signals with fake MT4 trade reports/videos.

I reckon, less than a weekend to get it all operational and automated.

I can set it all up myself. I don’t have to pay for much – just a domain and hosting.
Benefit is its Zero risk, you don’t have to bother trading (trading is a mugs game).
You’ll never get caught by the FCA, Trading Standards, Action Fraud (Police).
You can even get yourself in UK newspapers and UK Television – no one does any diligence or checks you are legitimate.

So, there you go, an Insta-affiliate scammer business… You can make hundreds of thousands of pounds scamming without ever having to trade.

You can see why they are desperate to find me (they have been asking around for my address) and shut me down.

Broken Record…

The only people making money in retail trading are scammers/brokers/market makers/publishers/gurus/educators.