New scam – Celestial (CelestialTT / Auto Forex Trading / ATK Exchange

  • This is almost a carbon copy of ProphetFX.
  • If you dig into this it looks like it is the same stuff. ProphetFX have run gold trades – I am willing to bet THIS IS THE SAME METATRADER EXPERT ADVISOR.
    Some are mentioning it may be a commercial off the shelf EA
  • They are running EXACTLY the same excuse as Gurvin Singh did for a “rogue” GBPUSD trade. This is all lies. It is a martingale – possibly the very same robot Gurvin Singh and his accomplices are using.
  • There is no doubt Celestial are running a martingale Expert Advisor on MT4.
  • This yet another scam running on IC Markets – their three regulators (Australia, Cyprus, Seychelles) are all getting a complaint. There is something seriously wrong with IC Markets – every dodgy Myfxbook I look at – its on IC Markets.
  • There are no actual limited companies behind Celestial.
  • Celestial are not FCA authorised/regulated.
  • Yet again another “company” on Trustpilot with fake reviews.
  • It is another scam that people on matched betting forums/online money making forums have fallen for – you need to report this to the FCA and Action Fraud (UK police Fraud team).

People need to realise they are being scammed – these people are buying Metatrader 4 Expert Advisors (very basic computer programs) – wrapping fraudulent claims around them and then trading on your behalf – this is regulated activity. These people are not regulated – STOP giving them your money.

If you are coming from these types of forums – you do not know what you are doing.
I am reading some of you are putting in tens of thousands of pounds – stop funding scammers.

Where you will find Celestial online


Website – This is the same guy. He has simply set up different websites and pretends they are all different.

He is also bourgesholding – – this is particuarly interesting – he is selling account manager, white label and trade copy solutions.

I was worried that this would happen – these people get established because the UK authorities/regulators are useless – these people can get funded and setup ‘legitimate’ services.

Online Reviews

Google Maps has his Auto Forex Limited Company – but he doesn’t have a Limited Company…

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Trustmamma –