Scammer EA results so far – this is too easy



Have a look at this – 38 trades and over 98% win rate.

This is one of the scammer EA’s I am testing – I am running 3 MT4 terminals full of MT4 Expert Advisors here at Forex Crypt HQ.
I have around 100 EA’s to go through here.

You should be able to realise that this is really easy to do for 20 years olds that think this is a viable career option – its fraud, not to mention unauthorised and unregulated activity.

1. You buy a commercial off the shelf martingale/grid Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor.

2. You create a pretty Myfxbook page, and an instasham page with sales funnels into your website with your broker affiliate scam sign up link – make sure you put instructions to deposit $350 or more so you get commission on top.

3. $1000 profit per sign up then never ending commission on traded round lots.

Why are you still giving these scammers your money?
Are you that desperate for money you need to give 20 year old criminals your money?

There are hundreds to thousands of these scum bags across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Forums, Telegram and Whatsapp.

They don’t even need to run the broker server scam to scam you.