Scammer Expert Advisor Update

Update on scammer EA’s – this is a commercial Off the Shelf MT4 Expert Avisor (i.e. a shitty static program that operates in an end of life trading terminal).

It is running £0.10 per pip and has made £349.60 Profit in 14 trading days.

As I say, I am confident this is the one Scammers are using.

Two weeks more testing and I will put it on a live real account on a VPS and make the Myfxbook public.

I have a lot of experience developing and testing my own MT4 EA’s, so I know how to get the best amount of juice out of things.

For obvious reasons I am not going to tell you how I did this nor make it public so please do not ask.

The point here is to show you how easy this all is to create pretty Myfxbook graphs that sucker people in – its all sales juice for their broker affiliate scams.

People need to see the truth. 20 year olds have absolutely zero fucking clue of how to trade consistently profitable accounts – they are simply running commercial MT4 Expert advisors to get you to sign up to their broker for commission – its all a scam.