Scammers using EAs EOW Update

So I had a result this week – I found out I was right about what Gurvin Singh, Celestial/Auto Forex Trading and ProphetFX were/are upto – They DO use martingale MT4 Expert Advisors.

I found a Facebook page on Celestial/Auto Forex Trading – it listed the EA they were using as someone managed to get a screenshot – Celestial/Auto Forex Trading left the name of the EA in the EA config and thus the name of the EA in the MT4 Journal comments – morons.

A Facebook page setup about Celestial/Auto Forex Trading

Today, a random email from a Reece Harley telling me, “to take the ProphetFX post down”, led to me reading Reece’s Trustpilot review…

Reece Harley gives the game away
Reece Harley is a ProphetFX shill

Thanks for confirming ProphetFX use an EA Reece – well done.

I sent this back to him and he didn’t respond – LOL.

How I knew?

  1. I know what I am looking at.
  2. I found it suspicious when I saw Gurvin Singh give an excuse for going bang at the start of the year blaming GBPUSD.
  3. Note ProphetFX gave an excuse for going bang at the start of the year? Blaming it on a GBPUSD rogue trade?

Its because they are martingales – they all gave the same excuse.
Then someone showed me Celestial/Auto Forex Trading had gone bang at the start of the year and boom – we had the trifecta.

There’s even more to this story – I also saw this same bang on social trading/Signal Copy sites I am following too – The depth of these scams is huge. It is big money.

These scammers;
– Create pretty Myfxbook charts with a Martingale EA which are total bullshit.
– Create pathetic Instasham pages – meals, watches, private jets, cars etc to reel suckers in.

You wouldn’t let these fuckers tarmac your drive their knuckles swing so low.
There is an army of the little shits – across forums, Trustpilot and Social media all shilling.
They get HUGE commission from the brokers – IC Markets & BD Swiss per sign up – $500 – 1000 per person, they then get commission per traded round trip lot.
It is seen as a legitimate vocation to commit fraud (fake profiles/results/myfxbook) and earn hundreds of thousands as a broker affiliate.

It is all Fraud.

EA Testing

Now I am on the scent – this week I have continued testing more MT4 Expert Advisors – they are low level static pieces of shit.

How do I know?

I have been using MT4 for over 10 years. I have coded EA’s that ‘work’ without Martingales/Grids/Crazy hedge programs – I know what it takes.

In MT4 it is next to impossible.

MT4 is a very, very basic program, an MT4 Expert is static and cannot do what it needs to do in relation to the market.
If you look up any long time MT4 coders on public trading forums none of them have got an EA to work in MT4.

Now, add that up with trying to manual trade and you don’t stand a fucking chance at making money in the markets.

But whats that? You believe a bunch of 20 year olds with a martingale Expert Advisor and are investing $10,000-150,000 with them? Ok go for it. You will lose everything and you deserve to if you believe them.

Gurvin Singh/ProphetFX/Celestial (Auto Forex Trading) – These are all the same scam – they want you to sign up to their broker for their affiliate commission from bullshit fake myfxbook sales funnels.

EA Results

I was running as many as 67 Commercial off the shelf EA’s at one point this week across 6 MT4 Terminals in the cloud and here at Forex Crypt HQ.
Only 5 are in profit – that is terrible. I will run them a bit longer to see if they are worth reporting on…

MT4 Expert Advisors are yet another dimension of scams in retail trading. Retail trading really is a dirty seedy fucking scam – some people charge over $299+ for these EA’s – they are total garbage.
Check out telegram and whatsapp – crawling with Forex scammers.

Anyhoo. Here is some of the EA’s that I have been running – can you see what these scammers are doing?
We are nearly 3 weeks in and I can keep the profit going up… (ignore the yellow line thats other EA’s – all current trades for these 2 EA’s are closed out with no Drawdown)

Running the scammer EA’s – can you see how easy this is to present pretty Myfxbook graphs?

These are both martingale EA’s and they will break. Every single time.

I just want to reiterate these points so we are clear;

– I am not selling anything.
– I have 12 years experience in trading retail Forex.
– My day job is full time trading. If I don’t make money trading I don’t eat – its as simple as that. Trading comes first.
– I have tested more indicators and systems in MT4 than you.
– I am active in more trading forums than you – in multiple languages.
– I am anonymous – its fucking obvious why.
– The FCA are fucking useless. No really, they are totally inept – The FCA warning list is total garbage.
– Ofcom, HMRC, IPSO are all fucking useless at dealing with scammers too.
– Instagram/Facebook – useless at dealing with scammers too.
– If you don’t believe what I write – all I am doing is presenting the facts – you can click the links and see for yourself.
– Scammers, educators, gurus, affiliate scammers make more money than I do.
– I am sick to death of these criminal morons making hundreds of thousands a year when mugs like me sit here trading for a living.

– This blog has turned into something it is not meant to be and I am sorry that I cannot get round to all of your emails or requests to “out” people – I simply do not have the time.
This has consumed a crazy amount of time so far in just 6 weeks.
Given the FCA are so utterly useless I have to consider cost/benefit – I get nothing back for this time spent.

– People keep sending me emails with zero evidence – I can’t & won’t do anything with that. To start from zero is not worth my time.

– Aside from ProphetFX and Dan Legg trying to take me down – I am getting two types of other emails in my inbox – 1) Asking for help trading 2) Asking for the EA names.
I am not providing either – please do not ask.

– I am really busy with my day trading job work at present so please bear with me for updates on the scam warning list.

– I am getting into some excruciating ‘conversations’ across forums at present – if you cannot digest what I am writing here and decipher these people are scams/scammers – then you are beyond help.

– If you are scammed – you MUST report it to Action Fraud & the FCA. Yes they are both useless but you have to tick the boxes.