Summer Solstice Update

Ok its a week late – sue me… everyone else is trying to.

I have been busy with other stuff but things are hotting up on lots of fronts so I am adding a note to show I am still here.

Half way through the year now and I must be ~20 weeks on from when this blog took a major turn.

I repeat a lot of stuff – so again, I never intended this blog to be about scammers – it morphed after I found ProphetFX and Ashley Richards – scammers getting a lot of press and internet space written about them…

Since, I have put serious dents into Ashley Richards (plus James Watts & Dan Legg + others) & ProphetFX (Edward Elford and Jack Alexander Harwood (FrontlineFX / TradehuntFX)).
I definitely won’t be on their Christmas card list.

I have had severe abuse and harassment aimed at me since I blogged about these people – lets just lay down some facts;

– I write the truth. All the evidence is posted for you to see – most of it is already in the public domain available via Google/Bing etc. You can verify it yourself. It is all true.
– I am not a competitor of these shitheads.
– I don’t threaten or harass people.

Good luck with your bullshit defamation claim – writing the truth is not defamation – no matter how you shameless warped cretins spin it.

This is an investigative blog by someone that knows the retail forex industry inside out and is blowing the whistle on your bullshit instasham FX Lifestyles.

For doing so, I have attracted some serious oddballs and my life is in danger from blogging about these people – they are scum.
You wouldn’t have half of them tarmac your drive – they are knuckle dragging scumbags – you only have to look at Instagram to see who and what these people are about.

I only did one month of scammers/scams as you can see from the warning listI only focused on Ashley Richards and ProphetFX.

What did I find out?

The FCA, Trading Standards, HMRC, OFCOM, IPSO and Action Fraud are so fucking useless they may as well not exist.
They are absolutely fucking inept. I genuinely cannot get the words out to describe how fucking bad this lot are.
A page full of ‘useless fucking cunts’ still won’t cut it.

We are nearly 20 weeks in on some of this stuff an what has happened from any UK regulator/agency? – NOTHING.

I have put this stuff on a plate for them with all the evidence and we have seen NOTHING from any of them – in some cases they are simply ignoring me and/or not responding to their own complaints process.
When I say the UK is fucked I mean it – THE UK IS FUCKED.

Did you get that bit? THE UK IS FUCKED – nothing works – it is the wild west and if you are selling something online you can do what the fuck you like.

It is easy to see why there is a scam epidemic in the UK.
We have a culture among young people that it is OK to scam – they don’t know any better and the UK regulators/agencies and social media companies are nowhere – it is a scammers paradise.

Google reviews, Amazon reviews, Trustpilot reviews all contain thousands of fake reviews. Everything online is now fake and no one is stopping the fakery juggernaut.

Hell even Conservative MP Grant Shapps was at it too

You can create a fake lifestyle in cyberspace and there is absolutely no one in the UK to stop you with nothing for ‘normal’ people to use/report to take them down – the scammers know it.

Try reporting a profile on Instagram/Facebook – you can’t even report them if they block you. You are met with bot agents and never a human.

We are so far into absolutely fucketysphere, companies/people and scammers can do what the fuck they like – what are you going to do about it?

Now of course, the UK Government/agencies/regulators blame Covid-19 for it all.
As if the scammers infrastructure didn’t already exist and scams magically sprung up as a result of Covid-19… Look at the cases I have raised on the blog – they have been going four plus years untouched.

As far as I am aware, I am the first blogger/website to put a serious dent into these people – the trading forums are a mess at best given they are happy to house scams/scammers & BS ‘Educators’ for advertising revenue.
This has won me a lot of interesting fans.

I am getting take down requests every week – I have had special fans like Michael Watkins (theholistictrader) subject me to 12+ weeks of sustained harassment, doxing, DDOS attack, intimidation, threats, abuse (just to name a few) – all criminal acts which I have sent to North Wales Police four times – what have they done about it? NOTHING.

For any prat telling me I don’t have journalistic integrity because I don’t reveal my name – that is why.
People with a bit of money, especially one up from caravan dwellers – are not the most reasonable of sorts if their scam livelihoods are destroyed.

What of the Media/Newspapers/Broadcasters/Producers/Journalists from the Ashley Richards fall out?
I got multiple newspaper ‘articles’ taken down along with the BBC website ‘article’ & the BBC Programme “Young Welsh and Pretty Minted” featuring Ashley Richards taken down after 12 weeks of campaigning.

– No apologies.
– Not one correction.

Utter cunts.
They have simply buried this.

As for IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation)? Fuck you too. Absolute fucking joke of an ‘organisation’.

I haven’t had the time/bandwidth to keep on at the UK Agencies/Regulators/Newspapers/Broadcasters – it is a full time job – just for a few scammers – they are all fucking useless, all fucking jobsworths, all total cunts.

You haven’t seen the amount of emails and phone calls I have been putting in over ~20 Weeks just for these few select scammers – look what has happened – apart from the BBC takedown of Ashley Richards – NOTHING.

We have utter cretins in the UK media (if you didn’t already know).
I repeatedly got the line, “It was a TV piece and we don’t check the veracity… yak yak”
Well UK Media, you’ve just been done over by Ashley Richards, James Watts and Dan Legg – 20 year old scammers that have ruined your reputations and careers.

So not only can you say you ‘are a millionaire’ online, you can also say you ‘are a millionaire’ to Local & National Newspapers, TV producers and TV Broadcasters and absolutely no one is checking you because thats what we love in the UK – nouveau riche Instagrat.

Lets be fucking clear on these people – They are ‘internet marketers’ – they are not Forex traders.

It doesn’t matter if they sold weight loss diets, dating tips or Amazon affiliate courses – they just happen to sell you Forex Courses.
In the case of James Watts he actually does sell Amazon affiliate courses.

Everything they say is fake, everything is an instasham lifestyle – they cannot and never have traded Forex consistently profitably.

They never made their money from actually trading Forex.

Never, ever call these people Forex Traders.

They sell bullshit Forex courses and/or sign you up to brokers get their huge broker affiliate commission via whatever means possible – you will never, ever make money with them.
No one in retail forex makes money trading.

So….. much of the same, me just repeating myself until everyone catches up with my depressing realism and cynicism.

I appreciate people need a creditable full time UK scam/scammer reveal operation – people send me scams/scammers on a daily basis – the trading forums and social media are full of bitcoin/forex trading scams/scammers.
I have always stated I would just do a few scammers to see where we got.

The work involved in just doing the few scammers has been phenomenal – weeks and weeks of work (I have been doing what the FCA/Trading Standards/Action Fraud/HMRC/IPSO/OFCOM/ASA should be doing) – hundreds of hours – its a full time gig and I don’t get paid for it so its not something I can offer at this stage – if I win the lottery maybe I could do some more…