Trustpilot a scammers paradise

Trustpilot (CEO Peter Holten Muhlmann) is a really dodgy company.

Publishing is the domain of dodgy sales people and this lot have absolutely nailed it.

Over the pasts two weeks investigating scammers I have proved that companies like Prophet Enterprise Limited (prophetfx), Phair capital and are all creating fake reviews for themselves on Trustpilot.
Trustpilot have done NOTHING.

Much like Amazon Product Reviews – the majority of reviews for new or scam companies on Trustpilot are fake reviews.

You can read a BBC One Watchdog report here of a Trustpilot horror story where someone invested with a company because of a Trustpilot review – It turned out, the company was on a warning list from UK financial regulator the Financial Conduct Authority FCA

If you were setting up a financial services company and you wanted to very quickly paint a very positive picture of the company online, that really would be very simple to do- which is I think why it places even more responsibility on platforms like Trustpilot to make sure that what consumers see on the platform paints an accurate picture of the businesses they’re looking at.”

Tech expert Danny Richman

Here is Trustpilot’s pathetic response to that investigation by the BBC

Trustpilot is not a regulatory or licensing body, and so we don’t make an independent determination about the regulatory status of a company. We do, however, acknowledge that more can be done to provide greater insight to consumers about businesses unregulated by authorities such as the FCA. Regarding [the investment company above] and other unregulated financial service providers the FCA has not in fact reached out to us to ask that we take any action. We are exploring how we can better cooperate and coordinate in the future.

Of the 422 businesses you highlighted to us who are unregulated by the FCA only 3% have a rating of 3 stars or more on Trustpilot. We don’t have evidence to suggest that the information on those company pages is inaccurate, but we will look into this further.


Trustpilot simply do not care – they are fully aware their website is absolutely crawling with scammers.

Because a fake page has been setup in this websites name I contacted Trustpilot Integrity team and Trustpilot Compliance team – they have ignored my complaints and simply closed the ticket.

Last week I rang Trustpilot UK and the only working option on their IVR out of four, was their sales team.

If you search for any Trustpilot people online, apart from one person associated with them, they have all disappeared off social media around 2014-2016 – Trustpilot is seriously dodgy.

Trustpilot only want peoples money and do not care one bit about the infestation of scammers on their platform.

The massive problem is, TrustPilot is #1 in any Google search.

I call on Google to remedy this situation because Trustpilot are simply enabling scammers.