We raise another BBC Complaint

Today, 06/03/2020 we are raising another complaint to the BBC….

Yesterday 05/03/2020 you sent out the same cut and paste response to the complaints about Ashley Richards on your website and in the programme “Young Welsh and Pretty Minted” made by Wales and Co/BBC Wales.

You have made no attempts to correct the article nor issue an apology.

  1. Ashley Richards does not make money trading Forex.
  2. Ashley Richards does not make 10k a week trading forex, trading 2 hours a day. Ashley Richards does not make 200k a year trading Forex.
  3. Ashley Richards sells forex courses made by a James Watts – a scammer from Southampton UK. Ashley Richards is marketing “Forex Help Trading” & “The Forex Hub” – both owned by James Watts
  4. In July of 2019 one of your own BBC Journalists – Ashni Lakhani was investigating James Watts and his scam company Forex Help Trading which was run by James Watts – you can search Ashley Richards on Google and on the first page “Forex Help Trading” owned by James Watts comes up with Ashley Richards.
    If you look at Ashley Richards’ Instagram – where he proudly displays having been on the BBC – you will see he is marketing “The Forex Hub”.
    The BBC knew James Watts was a scammer 8 months before you aired the programme and put up the subsequent article.

A) Your programme and article are factually incorrect as above.
It is clear no diligence was carried out.

B) Your subsequent response to the complaints are factually incorrect.
Bi) Ashley Richards does not make money trading Forex – he is selling scam Forex courses.
Bii) Trading Forex is not unregulated in the UK.
Biii) Ashley Richards, is, himself an instagram scammer.

C) This is now being opened up as an Ofcom complaint and this will also be highlighted to the UK press.

D) I want to see a full apology and correction issued within 28 days and you contact me to show me where it has been presented.